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Ūsked Assessment System

A web-based, online assessment delivery and scoring platform

We strongly believe that every experience matters — 

From test takers to test raters, Ūsked Assessment System streamlines the assessment process and puts the focus back on the results.

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Cumbersome systems can get in the way of assessing knowledge and skill.

The technical delivery of any exam should be seamless, intuitive, and one less thing for the test taker to worry about. 


Assessment System Process


• Fill-out demographics

• Sign agreement 

• Submit exam payment

Assessment System Login gif

Proctor Token 

Select proctor location

• Schedule assessment

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Sample exams can be provided prior to taking the assessment.

Assessment Day

Verify test taker's identity

Take assessment

Submit feedback


Rating & Scoring

Vignettes are immediately available for the rater to review

Rater reviews vignettes and selects scoring criteria

• Remaining responses are auto-graded

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Results & Reports

Results are sent to the test taker

• Reports are available for review 

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Completely Customizable Exams

Formatting icon


Find endless possibilities of formatting assessments.

Unlimited sections and infinite combinations allow you the freedom to format exams to best suit your assessment needs.

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Assessments requiring payment are available through integration with Stripe, a secure and trusted payment processing platform, for quickly and easily submitting payments.

Proctor Tokens icon

Proctor Tokens

Assessments are only as good as their reliability.

Proctor tokens ensure that an exam is only taken one time and only by the verified test taker.

Bank Parts icon

Bank Parts

Assessing multiple test takers is made easy by being able to provide unique exams for each individual.

Bank parts allow random rotation of selected questions or source videos so the exam is different each time.

Sample Exams icon

Sample Exams

The stress that comes with taking assessments is compounded when the testing platform gets in the way.

By providing test takers sample exams before their assessments, they can fully understand the platform and focus on showcasing their knowledge and skill.

Time Allowance icon

Time Allowance

Assessing multiple test takers is made easy by being able to provide unique exams for each individual.

Bank parts allow random rotation of selected questions or source videos so the exam is different each time.

Comprehensive quality assurance 

uSked is designed to fit an organization's desired workflow, enabling businesses to scale without sacrificing quality.


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Customizable Rating

Simultaneous Video Playback icon

Simultaneous Video Playback

Raters can rate exams while viewing both the candidate response video and source video at the same time.

Access Settings icon

Access Settings

Permissions can be set for rater, giving them access to only see vignette scorings they are qualified to rate.

Result Schema icon

Result Schema

Parameters can be set to customize each exam's result schema. For example, assigning one rater, a minimum of two raters, or three, to break a tie if necessary.

Scoring Criteria icon

Scoring Criteria

Once the results are rated, the system will qualify the answers and calculate the results based on the custom scoring criteria set.


The Ūsked Assessment System integrates with:

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Detailed Reports

Feedback icon


Feedback is a crucial part of improvement, the uSked Assessment System allows test takers to provide anonymous feedback about their experience that is used for improving the exam experience for future assessments.

Data & Demographics icon

Data & Demographics

Perfect your process by getting more insight into your assessments by running in-depth reports on collected data and demographics.


Want to learn more?

In our ever-changing climate, organizations need to be prepared with options. We are pleased you want to learn more. Simply book some time with a team member below.


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